Why Choose CDS Marine

Cyber Defence Solutions (CDS Marine) brings more than 20 years of combined experience in the development and implementation of network security solutions to your vessel.

The owners of the business together, bring skills developed at the highest levels across a wide range of industry sectors.  Having spent over 10 years working directly within the highest levels of central government, providing cyber defence, intrusion detection, attack analysis services, incident response and security breach investigation expertise, CDS Marine are very well placed to ensure that the solutions and policies developed meet the demands of our clients.

Having travelled to many countries and used networks and IT systems whilst at sea for more than 30 years, the owners are fully aware of the types of problems and issues with technology and the challenges that can bring to the marine environment.  With this in mind, CDS Marine can provide a complete solution to maximise access to information and also embed security and privacy at the heart of it.