Ensuring any existing systems are working and configured correctly, providing the services they should and be fit for purpose is of paramount importance.  Simply placing solutions on board and not revisiting them regularly introduces and allows an unnecessary level of risk.

New exploits and vulnerabilities are released on a daily basis, if your end point, boundary and internal controls are not up to scratch, you do not need to be targeted in order for a successful compromise to occur, especially on a system that could be in excess of 3 months out of date.

CDS Marine can assist with this process from start to finish, providing a full written report and recommendations for the following:

Incident Response – CDS Marine can help you with response and containment in the event of an attack, helping to identify possible entry points, if any data has been stolen, clean up of affected systems and offer clear, concise guidance on what to do post-event to help prevent any future compromises.

Wireless network security assessment – How secure the system is, how easy is it gain access to the network, what controls are in place.

Vulnerability assessment – Test systems on board to determine how vulnerable they are to Attack.  Scan for configuration issues which can increase the risk of exploitation and highlight any missing security updates or patches.

Internal and external penetration testing – In addition to the wireless network assessment CDS Marine can then move the process on by finding out how far into the system we can gain access both internally and externally.  Also check what a known ‘trusted’ user can access.

VLAN configuration testing – Clearly VLANS have their place and work well, but if they are not configured correctly or the switch they are on is not sufficiently locked down, VLAN hopping is a very real threat.