In the world of  ’cyber security’ there is no silver bullet solution to fit all situations.  It’s about sitting down with the client and understanding their requirements, wants and needs, what their immediate risks are and identifying the best way to minimise those risks whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of security.

Security should be an enabler, a tool that allows businesses or systems to work effectively and grow safely. Providing suitable solutions and working closely with our clients are important aspects to the services CDS Marine provide, building trust and flexibility into our offerings.  Our solutions are designed around you, our client. These are tailored and developed with security as the integral component, and to minimise disruption and downtime.

CDS Marine understand the need to provide bespoke, robust solutions that protect your data and systems, covering the aspects that matter the most to our clients:

  • Protecting the personal data and information of the owners, staff and guests from unauthorised access along with secure deletion of private data where necessary.
  • Private, portable high grade, back to ‘base’ encryption for owners as well as full encryption of all data entering and leaving the vessel, along with smartphone voice encryption capabilities.
  • Monitoring and scanning of all data entering and leaving the vessel allowing for unwanted data and network traffic to be blocked.
  • Full IPS (Intrusion Prevention) system with vulnerability awareness protection.  This is of particular importance if you lock your system down for the season.
  • Client Defined URL filtering, blocking access to adult material, peer to peer file sharing, malicious domains and more.
  • Controlling the type and times applications can access the internet.
  • Control unauthorised or unauthenticated devices within the network.
  • Secure access to the vessel from service providers.
  • Easy to use management interface allowing for quick and simple usage.
  • Through years of research and experience,  the ability to integrate with rather than replace any existing systems.